About us

100% VEGAN

We have become into a 100% vegan brand. The moment we started our journey, we realized there were so many aspects we could improve. But actions speak louder than words. So, it’s not only our thinking that has evolved, our actions have proved that we can be fully proud of the product we create.

Nowadays there’s no sense to stick to the same old principles of using animals for footwear production. Considering all the alternatives that are currently available, like breathable microfibers, recyclable and sustainable materials, organic cotton...We should jump at the opportunity to make fashion more sustainable. Why don’t we make the change happen? .

We do care about the origin of the fabrics and materials that we use and the impact we make on the planet. We’ve made a commitment to use increasingly sustainable, ethical and harmless fabrics, as well as eco-friendly manufacturing methods to ensure responsible consumption. We’re proud to manage it all without giving up the style, signature design and good vibes which define us.